Together with WUOC three races will be organized open for everyone to participate in. WUOC Tour will have classes for everyone, including beginners, youth and masters.

Invitation for WUOC-Tour | Inbjudning publiktävlingar på svenska

WUOC tour bus

WUOC Tour bus leaves Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 from parking area close to ”Maximgrillen” just outside Hotel Scandic in Borlänge. 9 persons have pre-ordered.

Entries for WUOC-Tour should be done using Eventor Entry System
Please note that you have to enter for all stages individually (Entry for stage 1 does not mean you are entered for stage 2 and so on).

Programme WUOC Tour
Stage 0, Monday 19th july, Training
Stage 1, Thuesday 20th july, Long distance | Results | Split Times
Stage 2, Wednesday 21th july, Sprint distance | Results | Split Times (Winsplits) | Resultat Dalalöpare (Results District Championship)
Stage 3, Thursday 22d july, Middle distance | Results | Split Times (Winsplits)

Persons entered as a runner of a non-Swedish club must pay their entry fee before they start their first race. We will publish a list of received payments on the WUOC Tour page.
We use an exchange rate of 1 EUR = 10 SEK. The fees can be found in the invitation.

Due to very high prices for international money-transfers, we offer three alternative ways of payment for WUOC Tour:

1) Pay via VISA/Master-card or Scandinavian direct bank transfer before 14th July
2) Pay via ordinary bank transfer before 14th July
3) Pay in cash at the competition center before your first race

1. VISA/Master card/Scandinavian bank direct transfer
You can now pay in advance over Internet using VISA/Master Card (or some Scandinavian banks).
Our system uses Payson.se to guarantee a secure payment.
Just enter as usual, and we will send an invoice to the e-mail address with which you entered

2. Ordinary bank transfer
In the payment you must include information about your name and class.
If transfer is for more than one person, please send an e-mail to sven.lundback@gmail.com where you list all persons and their respective classes.

Please note that all bank charges are to be paid by sender.

Bank name: Swedbank AB
Bank address: SE- 105 34 Stockholm, Sweden
Account name: Stora Tuna OK
IBAN: SE51 8000 0816 6113 7676 8659

3. Pay by cash
Persons entered between 10th and 16th July should pay by cash in Euros at competition centre before the start.

SM Sport
SM Sport will sell orienteering geers 20-23 of July at WUOC-tour's all three days, and at fourth day of WUOC.

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27 Jul: Stolen Orienteering Shoes
During the last night at the hotel some people lost their orienteering shoes. Do you know anything about that, please contact the organisers. Especially Martin (read below) is in need of his specially made insoles.
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26 Jul: Live broadcast archive
During all the WUOC competitions we broadcasted the sound of the speaker and a webcam picture from the arena. All broadcasts are available for replay directly in your browser
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24 Jul: Some Pictures from the Events
As organizers we want to thank all participants that made the 17th World University Orienteering Championship a perfect week. Some pictures from the events have been uploaded, but more will come
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24 Jul: Results from the VIP Race
After the relay, a race for the officials, press and VIP:s were organized.
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23 Jul: Official results from the Relay
Today was the final race of the 17th World University Orienteering Championship. The relay were held in Gustafs just somw 20km south of Borlänge
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