Embargoed Areas

With reference to the IOF Competition Rules (article 26.6), the listed areas are embargoed (both summer and winter) for all potential WUOC2010 team members as well as coaches, team leaders and other persons that may be in a position to give information to the team members. Specifically, until WUOC2010 is finished, in the embargoed areas there will be:

  • no organized orienteering activities may take place in these areas
  • no training sessions, route testing, races, etc. may take place in these areas
  • no surveying or other use of maps is permitted

This applies to potential participants and to persons who may become team leaders, coaches or similar. It is permissible to pass through the embargoed areas using paved public roads
Offences shall be reported to WUOC2010 Event Director Christer Löfås, e-mail: info@wuoc2010.se

Copies of the most recent versions of the orienteering maps of the embargoed areas are published on the website of WUOC2010. On request the maps will be sent on CD-rom to FISU member federations for a price of 30 €.

Embargoed Areas

Long distance

Middle distance / Relay

Sprint distance

In addition to the restrictions above for the long, middle and relay. For the embargoed area of the sprint competition, the following applies:

  • It is permissible to pass through the embargoed area using paved public roads.
  • It is allowed to visit shops and restaurant´s from paved public roads.
  • No surveying or other use of maps.
  • All movement outside paved public roads such as backyards or parks is not allowed.
  • The area A, B and C (see map below) are completely forbidden areas, even on paved public roads/ paths.

Embargoed area for sprint

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