WUOC - important for Borlänge and Dalarna

This summer is Borlänge hosting the orienteering student world championships. More than 400 athletes, from more than 30 countries, are expected to take part. We talked to Christer Löfås, event director for WUOC 2010.

The student world championships in orienteering are held every second year. This year it is Borlänge that is the host for the event. The competition, that takes place between the 20th and 23 of July, attracts some of the best orienteers in the world.
- The Student World Championships of orienteering in Borlänge means that a lot of the best orienteers in the world will come here to compete. Student sports is very big and important in the rest of the world, compared to Scandinavia. For example it means that the results from the student world championships form the basis for scholarships.

The participants, who come from all over the world, will compete in four different events. Middle distance, long distance, sprint and relay, which will finish the competitions.
Not only that but the audience will also get a chance to use the map and compass. A spectator competition is being planned and here the organisers count on even more participants.
- We hope that up to around 1000 participants will take part in the spectator competitions.

How does the organisation work?
- We will maily work with a two-parted organisation. One part that is responsible for the events and one part that is responsible for making sure that all competitors and leaders live well, get good food and simply making sure that the ordinary life goes on as usual. The competitions are being financed by fees paid every day by the country/participant. That fee will cover lodgings, breakfast, lunch, dinner and transports to and from the events and so on.

What does this mean for Borlänge?
- The Student World Championships gives Borlänge, and Dalarna, a good possibility to show its best face for a number of students, who will probably end up in important positions in society after their studies. The Student World Championships is also a splendid opportunity for Dalarna University to strengthen its trademark work with combining studies and sport on the highest levet.

Dalarna University plays an important part, both ahead of and during the events, says Löfås.
- Through the cooperation with the Media and Communications program at Dalarna University a number of students will function as "our media communicators" and spread the information on the Student World Championships, locally, nationally and internationally.

Tobias Frejfors & Jonas Karlsson

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