Dellner wants to meet you!

One of our partners Dellner will be at Scandic Hotel during Wednesday. Below you find a short summary of what they are doing, meet them on wednesday if you want to find-out more!

We sponsor the Student World Orienteering Championship because we know that people who perform orienteering are ambitious and represents much of the core values we want to see in our employees. You have a strong drive and you always find new solutions to problems.

Dellner is the world's largest manufacturer of Train Connections Systems and have today more than 500 employees, headquarter and factory located in Falun, Sweden and with factories, service plants and sales offices all over the world.

We are expanding strongly and are establishing new offices in countries worldwide. Also new products are under development - all to make train travel more secure and productive.

Read more at our website:
You are welcome to visit our company presentation at Scandic Hotel on Wednesday, July 21 at 9:00am. At our stand you can sign up for a short interview with us on the same day between 10:30am - 12:00am.

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