Lots of variation in the sprint

Former elite runner Lars Sjökvist was appointed the task to work as course-setter for the WUOC-sprint. There has been lots of secrecy about the whereabouts for the sprint, we met him and talked a little bit about his work.

When did the planning for the sprint start?
- We started about two years ago. The first discussions were about what area we should use. We wanted an area close to the center of Borlänge. We discussed for some time if the sprint should be mainly in the forest or in an urban area and finally decided that Gammelgården would be a very nice finish area with lots of suitable terrain close by.

How has the planning of the courses developed?
- As a course setter you "get" a terrain which has it´s characteristics. There are many factors to consider when an area is chosen. As a course planner you always want really challenging terrain but that is not always the fact. So, as a course planner you can only try to make the best of the available terrain. I have planned many different courses, gotten input from other people and good feedback from people whom have run the courses. I´m satisfied with the final courses and feel I couldn´t have done any better. My hope is that the competitors will find them challenging in many ways.

What should the competitors expect of the terrain and the courses?
- I have tried to set legs with many route choices and tried to have variation between long and short legs. The type of terrain will also vary on different parts of the courses which will make it harder to choose a good pace.

Can you give the runners three tips for the race!
1. Check details on map before taking off!
2. Watch out so you don´t crash into pedestrians, bicycles or cars. There are some sharp corners in a couple of places!
3. Watch out for forbidden areas and objects in the ISSOM standard that are forbidden to pass!

What has been the biggest challenge for the course planning?
- Keeping the secret of where the courses shall be. Every time we have had a test run, did mapping or talked with property owners, there is a chance that information is leaked. We have tried to inform as few people as possible where the courses go to minimize this.

Photo from Gammelgården where the competition-center will be

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