Lukás Barták preparing for WUOC

Slovakian runner Lukás Barták took the chance last weekend to visit Borlänge and try out the terrain he will face for WUOC in about two weeks. We took the chance to have a chat with him

Lukás Barták - (c) worldofo.comLast Saturday you visited Gyllbergen and tried the training area for the long distance, what were your feelings?
- The area is very beautiful. I ran a course about 10km long and it was very nice, but also very tough. I have spent a few weeks in Scandinavian terrain now, but I'm still more of a continental runner which means running in such terrain as Gyllbergen is really tiring for me.

How would you describe the terrain?
- The terrain is pure Scandinavian - almost no roads, which means you don't have much time to relax. You also have to concentrate almost all the time, especially regarding the direction.
- The forest is fantastic with good visibility (in about 80% of the training area at least).
- Marshes are very helpful for navigation, but very hard to run through. Hopefully there will be no rain before WUOC otherwise it will certainly be better to run around them ;-).
- I was a little bit surprised of how big and steep the hills were in the area. Sometimes it's better to run around them too.
- I also noticed that there are not so many details in the terrain which means it looks like it will be easy to navigate the last meters of each leg

Can you give the other runners some advice before the race?
- I recommend all runners to have fresh legs before the long distance race and prepare themselves for really nice orienteering (looks like there will be long legs without roads where it's just you and your compass...)
- I think it could be wise to bring some kind of energy-gel on the course. It could be useful.

Thank you Lukás and good luck for WUOC

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