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Central Borlänge has been the hotspot for WUOC activity in the last few days.

With just one day left until the opening ceremony many of the competitiors have already arrived to Borlänge and most of the remaining teams will come by bus from Arlanda airport later tonight. The official accomodation, centrally located Scandic Hotel, is bustling with activity as old and new friends meet. Through the whole week the hotel will be filled to the brim with only orienteers. Many of the competitors make their last preparations on the official training maps around Borlänge. The Japanese team have made the most dedicated effort, they have been here training the whole of this week. When not training, participants have been seen strolling past streetside restaurants along the boulevard in central Borlänge, wearing their specially designed WUOC-team shirts.

Meanwhile at the nearby event office the organizers work hard with the accreditation of teams. All competitors need to be photographed and show proof that they really are students. Some teams have made changes to their line-up at the last minute and sent other runners for sick or injured team members. However most of the runners look healthy, fit and well prepared for the challenges that wait in the terrain.

The weather has been excellent in Sweden the last few weeks, but on Saturday evening a heavy rainstorm struck Borlänge. The speculations started immidiately, how much slower will the marshes in the forest be when they get wet? Swedish summer weather is always unpredictable, but the forecast for the beginning of the competition week looks excellent. At the end of the week, chances are that there will be some showers. The organizers are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Tomorrow the heat is turned up some more with the model event in the morning and the opening ceremony in the afternoon!

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