Accreditation Schedule

For the accreditation process to run as smoothly as possible we ask all teams to respect their timeslot for accreditation at the Event Office. See schedule below

Saturday 17-jul 14.00 VIP/Officials
14.30 Japan JPN
15.00 New Zealand NZL
15.30 Spain ESP
16.30 Slovakia SVK
17.00 Ireland IRL

Sunday 18-jul 10.00 Hungary HUN
10.30 Finland FIN
11.00 Sweden SWE
11.30 Estonia EST
12.00 Belarus BLR
12.30 Rep of Moldova MDA
13.00 Australia AUS
13.30 Latvia LAT
14.00 Denmark DEN
14.30 Norway NOR
15.00 Austria AUT
15.30 Poland POL
16.00 Germany GER
16.30 USA USA
17.00 Great Britian GBR

Monday 19-jul 8.00 Bulgaria BUL
8.15 France FRA
8.20 Czech Rep CZE
8.30 Canada CAN
8.30 Israel ISR
9.00 China CHN
9.30 Italy ITA
10.00 Switzerland SUI
10.30 Russia RUS
11.00 Lithuania LTU
11.30 Ukraine UKR

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27 Jul: Stolen Orienteering Shoes
During the last night at the hotel some people lost their orienteering shoes. Do you know anything about that, please contact the organisers. Especially Martin (read below) is in need of his specially made insoles.
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26 Jul: Live broadcast archive
During all the WUOC competitions we broadcasted the sound of the speaker and a webcam picture from the arena. All broadcasts are available for replay directly in your browser
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24 Jul: Some Pictures from the Events
As organizers we want to thank all participants that made the 17th World University Orienteering Championship a perfect week. Some pictures from the events have been uploaded, but more will come
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24 Jul: Results from the VIP Race
After the relay, a race for the officials, press and VIP:s were organized.
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23 Jul: Official results from the Relay
Today was the final race of the 17th World University Orienteering Championship. The relay were held in Gustafs just somw 20km south of Borlänge
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