Meet our partner SSAB

During WUOC some of our partners will be visible in the lobby of Scandic Hotel. There you can meet representatives from these company's and talk about careers.

In the lobby of Scandic Hotel you can meet elite runners currently working at SSAB in Borlänge. They can tell you about combining careers at SSAB and training in Borlänge.

SSAB is a global leader in value added, high strength steel. SSAB offers products developed in close cooperation with its customers to reach a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

SSAB has five major production facilities in Sweden and US and sales offices and distribution centers in 45 countries and employs 8,700 people. SSAB has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange, Stockholm, since 1989.

The world needs steel. SSAB produces steel, which is amongst the lightest, strongest and most sustainable in the world. We constantly work to develop products that benefit both industry and the environment. Which is why we' re always looking for innovative talents. Whether you acquire expertise in production, management, research or a specialty area, great challenges and opportunities await you around the globe.

Let's shape tomorrow!

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