What should runners expect from the Relay?

We have asked Tomas Löfgren, the relay course-setter some questions

What should runners expect for the Relay?
- Big parts of the terrain have very good runability and visibility. During the spring and summer there have been some forestry activities by companies and land owners that have resulted in the pace being a little bit slower in some parts. Despite that, the overall pace will be high which could cause mistakes for runners not reading the map enough.

What have been the biggest challenges setting the courses?
- The goal has been to make the orienteering as varied as possible where all different kind of technical challenges in orienteering should be tested. I've also tried to put in parts which really should put the runner's physical shape to test.

What characteristics do the courses have?
- I try to set courses that I would find interesting running myself. I really try to use fun and challenging parts of the terrain!

Can you give three tips for succeeding in the relay?
- Focus on your own race, but try to use the surrounding runners to keep pace
- I think that runners that are offensive, focused and can act cool towards the end of the race will perform very well

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