Tips from the course-setter of the long distance

We met Thomas Norgren, the course-setter of the long distance to have a talk about what will meet the competitors in the magical forest of Gyllbergen, some 20km south of Borlänge that will be the arena for the 2010 WUOC long distance.

Thomas Norgren, Course-planner for the Long DistanceHow has it been going as course-planner for the long distance?
- I started the work during the autumn of 2008 by having a first visit to the area. Large sections of the courses were actually decided upon during this time, even before the map was drawn. These parts are mostly intact which has meant that the work has been somewhat easier than I expected.
- I am very glad to have had the chance of being in charge of course-setting for such a big competition when it's held in such amazing terrain. I've also had the benefit of working with a really good map which makes things a lot easier for me as course setter.

What should the competitors of the long distance be expecting?
- The courses will be tough and they follow the regulations for how long-distance courses should be formed. The terrain will offer good to very good visibility, but the ground is soft and varyingly very physical to run in.
- The area has not got a single road passing through it and while there are some paths, they are very few and small. This will probably give less experienced runners some problems in the forest while the best runners will run some minutes faster than what's recommended for a long distance.
- The actual speed in the forest during the competitions is very hard to estimate. It depends heavily on how the next few weeks will be here in Borlänge. If there will be lots of rain during July the winning-times will probably be some minutes longer than what we calculate today.
- One other thing to note is that the area has almost no green or felled areas. The competitors will find themselves in almost untouched virgin terrain for the whole course.

Can you give three tips for mastering the courses?

  • The number one recommendation is to choose a pace for the soft and wet ground so that you can survive the whole race. I think lot of runners will be very tired during the second half of the course.
  • My feeling is that the controls are quite easy to find, what will be more challenging is how you plan your route to the control and how you then execute your plan.
  • Simplify where there are opportunities for that.

Amazing terrain in Gyllbergen

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