Teams are beeing selected

With one and a half month left until the competitions start teams are beginning to form. Sweden, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, New Zeeland are some of the teams that already have been selected

These are the teams we've already been selected and published on the internet.

If you know more teams: Enter them in this forum-thread on alternativet

Josefin Engström, Alfta-Ösa OK (sprint, medel, stafett)
Sara Eskilsson, Haninge SOK (lång, medel, stafett)
Lilian Forsgren, OK Tisaren (sprint, medel, stafett)
Martina Karlsson, Stora Tuna OK (lång, sprint, stafett)
Kristin Löfgren, Järfälla OK (lång, medel, stafett)
Jennie Runesson, Göteborg-Majorna OK (lång, stafett)

Emil Andersson, Ärla IF (lång, stafett)
Johan Aronsson, OK Tisaren (lång, sprint, stafett)
Patrik Karlsson, IK Hakarpspojkarna (sprint, medel, stafett)
Jerker Lysell, Rehns BK (sprint, medel, stafett)
Erik Rost, Malungs OK Skogsmårdarna (lång, medel, stafett)
Johan Runesson, OK Tisaren (lång, medel, stafett)

Leif Anderson, RMOC
Nick Lewis-Walls, USMAOC (declined)
John Hensley-Williams, GAOC
Brendan Shields, CSU
Keith Andersen, USMAOC
Jordan Laughlin, USMAOC
Kevin Culberg (alt.) USMAOC

Hannah Burgess, USMAOC
Holly Kuestner, BOK
Tori Borish, COC
Alison Campbell, DVOA
Lori Huberman (1st alt.) BOK
Siobhan Fleming (2nd alt.) NEOC

Anne Edwards (Oxford University Orienteering Club)
Jess Halliday (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)
Rebecca Harding (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)
Tess Hill (Harlequins Orienteering Club)
Hollie Orr (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)
Laura Daniel (South Yorkshire Orienteers)

Oleg Chepelin (Interlopers Orienteering Club)
Scott Fraser (Interlopers Orienteering Club)
Graham Gristwood (Sheffield University Orienteering Club)
Alasdair McLeod (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)
Douglas Tullie (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)
Duncan Coombs (Edinburgh University Orienteering Club)

Grigorij Lazarev
Jegor Kostylev
Maxim Sytjev
Ivan Nikitin
Sergej Sjorochov
Dmitrij Nakonetjnyj

Svetlana Mironova
Tatjana Mendel
Jekaterina Popovitj
Anna Sysa
Polina Mosejtjuk
Anastasia Trubkina

Evan Barr La Trobe University
Bryan Keely Latrobe Bendigo
Oliver Mitchell University Of Queensland
Matthew Parton Australian National University (ANU)
Murray Scown University of New England
Simon Uppill The University of Adelaide

Rachel Effeney University of Queensland
Laurina Neumann La Trobe University
Aislinn Prendergast Melbourne University
Vanessa Round University of Melbourne

New Zeeland
Lizzie Ingham Wellington OC
Kate Morrison Hawkes Bay OC
Angela Simpson Rotorua OC

James Bradshaw Counties Manukau OC
Ross Morrison Hawkes Bay OC
Thomas Reynolds North West OC

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